Saturday, March 6, 2010


Random collection of pictures I took today while avoiding doing homework and studying for my finals :(

I know this might sound horrible, but I'm considering trimming the ear crazy-ness. My boyfriend likes to make fun of her hairy ears but I've always thought it was adorable. I've never cut the hair though but now it's starting to look especially stringy and quite long. She's going through a very awkward stage right now, but I will still stare at her for about 5 minutes thinking "what a gorgeous dog." I think she's a wonderful example of the breed with the exception of the fact that she's too large under breed standards (but I think her size is absolutely perfect).


Though somewhat gross to admit, I have a thing for veins (ask my bf, he'll tell you how much I admire his jugular haha). Anyway, I love the way the sun lights up P's ears and all her veins just "pop." I apologize if I've grossed anyone out here, I've done many animal dissection and I'm always amazed by the incredible anatomy in the animal world.


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