Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is the kind of thing that disgusts me

I live in Philly so this is a bit upsetting...especially when I'm getting emails each day about how full the shelters are on how they're euthanizing animals left and right.

Sigh. Well let's hope Philly (which is normally VERY low stocked on small dogs in the shelters) finds home for all these little guys FAST!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You look like your dog?

Well how about having the same medical condition as your dog? Scout broke out in a nasty rash and I've been watching it for the past month but this weekend it got REALLY REALLY red/pus-filled (ewww). So, I traveled back to my hometown so she could see the vet and the result: she has allergies (well dermatitis resulting from allergies...I have eczema which is like a severe skin allergy (sort of)). Anyway, she got a secondary staph infection from scratching (hence the pussy grossness) so he gave her a shot of penicillin and a shot of steroids. She's on oral Baytril for the next 10 days and a low dose steroid's by the company Virbac and it's called Genesis (it's technically a chemical known as triamcinolone acetonide..which I use every night after I shower to keep my skin from overreacting and breaking out in dermatitis). The vet explained that she'd have flare ups (like myself) depending on the cause of her allergies so most likely she'll be on this Genesis stuff for the rest of her life. Her abdomen already looks SO much better (no pus-filed bumps but some mild inflammation and she doesn't bite/scratch at it terribly).

So...considering she's been on the SAME food and been using the SAME shampoo since I first brought her home and it's only been the last month that she's had a skin reaction maybe it's something outside? Some sort of plant that's touching her belly? Or just seasonal/spring allergies? I'm hoping it's seasonal but I might try switching her food to see if it helps. She's currently on EVO red meat small bites but I've been switching (every other bag) to EVO salmon & herring formula. Anyone have similar issues or any suggestions?

OH and her weight? 10.12 lbs!! She clearly has the potential to chub up so I'll need to keep an eye on her but she actually seems to be in good shape as I can palpate her ribs with minimal fat covering and when I bathe her I can see a clearly defined waist. So conclusion...10 lbs is a good weight but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scout's first boating experience!

I took Scout fishing with me this weekend. It was a little on the hot side but she did very well with it :)

Ugh, every time I look at pictures of her, I realize my little baby is all grown up! Where does time go?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


My graduation was last night and Chris and I took some photos of the pups in their graduation gear. Susan, a woman on the clubchi board, custom made their outfits for the event (though they didn't actually go to my graduation) so I figured I'd share!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry we've been MIA...I've been finishing up classes and I graduate in a week :D The dogs have been good. I've been working on a lot of training with Scout including the length and duration in which she can "stay" and "leave it" (very hard for her since leaving a piece of bread or chicken is almost impossible when your whole world revolves around food). Scout got her retained canines out a few weeks back and THANK GOD the chewing has finally ended!! She was big time into my wood furniture but now that those pain in the butt teeth are gone, she seems to be feeling better and only chewing on appropriate dog toys! The pics below are Peanut hanging out in the sun, her all time favorite activity. The one of Scout is from a week ago at the "winter in spring" event. They put down a few tons of snow for everyone to snowtube on at my University. Scout is obsessive about the snow so she couldn't get enough of it (as you can tell she was trying to roll in it in the pic).

Peanut loving the sunshine ;)

She looks a little grumpy here with those big cheeks!

Scout & her snow obsession!

I promise to post more as soon as possible!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Midterm Week is Dangerous...

...because I'm posting a bunch of pictures that you all must endure! AH I HATE STUDYING (of course I'll probably repeat that OVER and OVER once vet school starts in August haha) and I will use anything as a distraction! I usually online shop when I'm studying (also very dangerous). Last week I bought 2 new puppias and a life jacket for Scout. So far this week I've only bought a new dress for my upcoming gala and a box of 50 bully sticks for Scout & P.

Here are some more low quality blackberry pics.

And here's a picture of Peanut and my dad bonding as he sleeps haha. She really does love him.

And the oldest picture in this picture dates back to around 5 months ago when I picked Scout up! When I brought her home my dad said she looked more like a baby aussie than a chihuahua and my mom thought she was a mutant due to her size hehe :D I can't believe how fast they grow up though..sigh.

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