Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry we've been MIA...I've been finishing up classes and I graduate in a week :D The dogs have been good. I've been working on a lot of training with Scout including the length and duration in which she can "stay" and "leave it" (very hard for her since leaving a piece of bread or chicken is almost impossible when your whole world revolves around food). Scout got her retained canines out a few weeks back and THANK GOD the chewing has finally ended!! She was big time into my wood furniture but now that those pain in the butt teeth are gone, she seems to be feeling better and only chewing on appropriate dog toys! The pics below are Peanut hanging out in the sun, her all time favorite activity. The one of Scout is from a week ago at the "winter in spring" event. They put down a few tons of snow for everyone to snowtube on at my University. Scout is obsessive about the snow so she couldn't get enough of it (as you can tell she was trying to roll in it in the pic).

Peanut loving the sunshine ;)

She looks a little grumpy here with those big cheeks!

Scout & her snow obsession!

I promise to post more as soon as possible!

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  1. There you are! I've been having Peanut & Scout with drawals! Not that I can talk...I've been slacking myself! How exciting graduation is so soon. AWESOME!

    Loved the pics. They seem like opposites. One loving the sun & one the snow. haha They are so cute & as always...gorgeous!

    We'll be looking forward to some more updates. Oh & we'd love to add you to our FB if you have one? I seem to update there more then our blog (slackers we are!!) So if you wanna add us you can find our MChi FB at:!/profile.php?id=100000753954863&ref=ts


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