Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a Studio Day!

So, Scout, Peanut and I spent the day hanging out at my dad's studio today. I thought it would be awesome to socialize Scout in a new environment full of new sounds and new people. Peanut is great in new environments, but not so much with new people, so I took her along with me too. While my dad was working, I played around with my Nikon D60 SLR camera (though I'm not sure how to use all the features) and I figured I'd post some pics...enjoy! :D


  1. What wonderful photos!! Peanut & Scout totally look like sisters. I can't believe they are the same size...or height anyway. LOL Soooo cute!! You should definitely have them printed...especially that last one. Nice & big! :o)

  2. Wonderful pictures! The last one is my favorite one Heather said, it needs to be printed and framed.

  3. nice pics and Peanut sounds just like my little diva monster bol..... and with a temper to boot

    do frame these as you will not get to see them like this when they're little 'ladies'


  4. We love the last one! Very professional!


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