Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

Ears Ears Ears!! Finally one of Scout's ears is up! The other one is still on the droopy side but hey I'm excited she has one up. It's been up for the past 2 days and I'm hoping it's hears to stay. The other ear is practically BEGGING to come on up, so fingers crossed for the next few days. On an additional note, she's the only chi in my household that has accepted/fallen in love with my Australian shepherd, Cooper. She curls up next to him and happily licks his face...while her sister Peanut huffs and puffs in the corner when this 'intruder' is allowed in 'her' play area. Though Scout met her 'cousin' (bf's brother's fiance's dog) and was not too thrilled. This dog is a friendly miniature schnauzer and I was kind of disappointed that the only thing Scout wanted to do was growl at him :( I clearly need to do more research in this area because I don't want to reward/yell at her for being scared (I was told this was a big no no). I just don't want her to be anything like Peanut (I love her to death, but she so poorly handles strangers and ANY other living dog). Actually, my little sister's friend came over yesterday and my social butterfly Scout went up to her with her tail wagging for attention. Peanut held back on the barking and went up and sniffed her, then ran away (a HUGE improvement since she normally throws a fit). I'm hoping Peanut learns a little from Scout ;)


  1. She is too cute Sam...I love her fluffy little ears and I bet they will both be up all the time. Love your new header picture of fun winter play time :)
    Draco's Mom

  2. Ohh hip hip HORRAY!!! She looks adorable with her perky ear...and the other one looks to not be too far behind. :o)

    I was just observing this morning how one of Marleys ears were a tad bit perkier than it has been the past week...but we will see what happens. The right started to be perkier when I brought him home - than it was the left - now it is the right again. Crazy ears!!

    I can't wait to see Scout with her full blown "Chihuahua Ears"!! :oD


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