Monday, January 4, 2010

Dog Pile!!

Sorry about the crappy quality of this shot (it was taken with my computer's camera) but I just wanted to show how Scout always plants herself on her sister before taking a snooze. Peanut used to have a fit, growl, and walk away but now she lets out a slight sigh and bears it all. Though I'm sure as Scout gets bigger Peanut will put up a bigger fight....


  1. Peanut is a gentle sister, I'm sure when Scout gets bigger, Peanut will find ways around being smashed.

  2. LOL...she knows how to keep warm that's for sure! Marley's favorite "snuggle" place is in my lap under my laptop (I usually balance the laptop on one leg & the arm of the couch). He & Maxie usually are BOTH under there with Maribelle on the top of them. LOL They sure do go to great lengths to keep themselves warm!

    Peanut looks like she's learned to share her space very well with Scout. What a sweet girl! I agree though, I'm sure she'll have to stop allowing it before too long. LOL

  3. LOL! Those two are like peas in a pod. ☺ Digi would do that too if we had a playmate for him. For now, our pugs' bed is fine for him. ☺
    They look like little alaskan huskies in...ahem...different form!


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