Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ah another post on ears!

This post is mainly for Heather to report on Scout's Ears! Both ears are vertical, though the left is a little droopy on the top. Her ears remind me of her mom's though with a very similar shape!

Below is a pic of her mom for comparison.

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  1. Ahhh, CUTE!! She does look to have her mummys ears. But you know - I wonder with her being so young & her ear leather still developing that it will "stiffen" & get straight? Either way...she is simply perfect with her Chi ears! :oD

    And funny enough - I just posted an ear blog! Marleys decided to go up a bit more & now that you mention it...the tips are still a bit droopy too! LOL And they still get floppy when he's tired. But too funny!! Their ears must be thinking the same thing! hehe Milo has actually developed a perky ear too. Being that he is 2 I don't expect it to stay...but I thought it was funny since Marleys have been heading in the uppward direction lately. :o)

    Scout is just GORGEOUS though...I can not see too many pictures of her. And her sister too!!


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