Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lazy Sunday

So it's about 10 AM and I have yet to start on the 10 lbs of homework waiting for me and the doglets don't appear to be in too much of a hurry to get up either! Though things have been going smoothly for the most part, we're having a few behavior issues with Scout. For the past three weeks we tried bringing her to the dog park and though she would not snap at the other dogs (thank god) she would scream her head off when 5 pups in the small dog park rushed her. Walking past/around other dogs isn't a problem but she's not into the dog park idea. She seems to be just terrified, so I was thinking of enrolling her in a puppy class though she's almost at 5 months. I found a place that is close to my apartment and I'm hoping she learns to develop some confidence around other dogs. I really don't want her to be the nut case that Peanut is around other dogs/strangers. Scout has done really well with other dogs that I introduce slowly and one at a time (my bf's brother's schnauzer and my dad's aussie), so I have some high hopes :) Other than that, the doglets have been fine, though I can tell you they are sick to death of the cold weather and being stuck inside! On another note, it's kind of interesting to compare my "blue chihuahuas" to other blue chi's. Peanut is a strange brownish tone and I'm starting to think Scout is developing this color too. Hmm...well, without further delay, here they are!

Just so you all could see how her eyes have changed.

Ugh mom, put down the camera & scratch my belly!!!


  1. Awww!! They do both look like they are more "lilac" than actual blue. Funny how they seem to have the same tone...they really could be related! Scout seems to have lost all her puppy coat - I can't wait to see what her adult coat looks like all grown in! Such pretty girls you have...

    Sorry she's been having issues with other dogs. Marley will also growl at other dogs but he seems to adjust to them fairly quickly. I do want to get him into a class too since he really doesn't get exposed to other dogs all that often. He still loves other people though which is awesome - does Scout still like other people??

  2. She is doing really well with fact at the dog park she was jumping up on everyone's legs and crying to try and get away from the other dogs! We're starting puppy class on 2-11 so let's hope we can make some improvements!

  3. I have Ruthie in obedience for the socialization. She is also scared of other dogs and did the same "screaming banshee" thing when another dog ran to her. She is 4 months, and doing good, once she builds a relationship/trust with the other dog. I think it's their size... I haven't taken her to the dog park yet, it's just too darn cold!


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