Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ah sorry to be MIA

And I swore I'd get more involved with my blog...yikes! Anyway, here are some updates on the two girls:

Peanut: has developed a 3 cm bald "gap" on her head (significantly bigger than it was before) right above her fontanel. The one vet I took her too insisted it was alopecia (color dilute alopecia since she's a blue chi). However, to me it looks like it's beginning to enlarge AND it looks like she's missing hair in other areas. She's always had a bald chest and lower abdomen and a little bald spot on her fontanel but it's significantly bigger. She lost some hair on her legs, which to me screams Demodex but another vet I took her to gave her an Ivermectin treatment to help with the Demodex to no avail. So I'm off to find a veterinary dermatologist to help me figure this out.

Scout: no health issues currently (thank goodness), but she's off to the vet today to get spayed so fingers crossed that she does well with that! I feel a little bad about spaying her, she has AMAZING child bearing hips (I'm in fact a little jealous haha) and she gets so motherly with P she'd be a great mom. But I have neither the time nor the energy for babies so that seals the deal on that one. Oh and she has retained canines on both sides unfortunately which have to be removed.

Here's a picture of the two of them with my boyfriend. All we've had lately is snow and rain so they've been cooped up a lot. Peanut acts like her legs are broken when "forced" to walk in the snow but Scout's Maine roots begin to show up when she happily frolics through the snow...she just loves it!

and Scout soaking up some sun...

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  1. Great to see an update from 2 of my favorite blue Chi's! :oD I'm sorry to hear about Peanuts thinning fur spots. Hopefully it's nothing that will cause any problems with her & something that may be able to be treated! Scout sounds like she's doing great...and is looking great as well! I just love her big ears - Marley is jealous! LOL

    Glad to hear those Maine roots run strong. hehe Marley also loves the snow as does Matilda. I blame it on a "blue thing" but I guess Peanuts aversion to snow throws that theory out the window. ;o) Good luck to Scout on her spay today - we've been thinking of her already this morning!

    Oh & I love Scouts sweater - so pretty!


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