Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pet Expo!

My boyfriend, Chris & I decided to take the Peanut to the super pet expo this weekend! Unfortunately Scout couldn't come as she's still in recovery mode from her spay and I didn't want to drag her around and stress her out. Here are a few cell phone pics from the super pet expo.

Unfortunately Peanut has (and let's be pessimistic here, probably always will have) an extreme dislike for other dogs since she was bitten as a 3 month old. Chris insisted we bring her little sling carrier that we got her last year at this expo. To my surprise when she started barking her head off at other dogs (the second we got there), Chris put her in the sling and she stopped. Absolutely no barking and no growling. She let people pet her though she wasn't very enthusiastic about it. I was actually really proud of her :D

Here's me and P in her little carrier.

The next pic is not an expo pic of P & Chris but depicts their relationship perfectly. Peanut and Chris have a very special bond :P

I have some videos I might upload later :D

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  1. Oh that last picture totally reminds me of Matilda & my hubby! LOL They share a similar bond... :o)

    I'm so glad P did so well at the expo! Maxie is the same way...he is generally ok when we hold him with other dogs but not so much when he's on the ground (unless he is able to walk WITH them LOL). Great job P!

    I hope Miss Scout feels better very soon....


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