Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Midterm Week is Dangerous...

...because I'm posting a bunch of pictures that you all must endure! AH I HATE STUDYING (of course I'll probably repeat that OVER and OVER once vet school starts in August haha) and I will use anything as a distraction! I usually online shop when I'm studying (also very dangerous). Last week I bought 2 new puppias and a life jacket for Scout. So far this week I've only bought a new dress for my upcoming gala and a box of 50 bully sticks for Scout & P.

Here are some more low quality blackberry pics.

And here's a picture of Peanut and my dad bonding as he sleeps haha. She really does love him.

And the oldest picture in this picture dates back to around 5 months ago when I picked Scout up! When I brought her home my dad said she looked more like a baby aussie than a chihuahua and my mom thought she was a mutant due to her size hehe :D I can't believe how fast they grow up though..sigh.


  1. Great pictures, now get back to study time :)
    It is always a treat to see the girls.

  2. I thought I replied to this but perhaps I just read it from my blackberry (in which I can't reply from!). LOVE the lazy pics & the one of P & grandad. And of course Scout as a wee pup - my how she's grown!!

    Good luck on midterms!!


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