Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Puppia Harnesses for My 2!

So the Puppia harnesses I ordered last week FINALLY came in!! I was a little iffy about the sizes. Peanut has an XS yellow but getting her head out of the hole takes a little bit of pulling which she doesn't like (can't blame her), so I decided to up her to a Small and in red because it's always been my belief that she looks great in red! Scout on the other hand got the lighter blue and I ordered her a Medium which sort of freaked me out because it just seemed SO huge. Well, Peanut's is a little loose around the chest and at 2 years old I have little hope of her gaining weight so it's going to be a little loose on her...preferable to shoving her face through a small hole. Scout's medium is a little loose around the neck (but not the chest lol) and I'm actually really glad I went with the medium...I tried the small on her and the chest part wrapped around near her shoulder blades and made walking quite uncomfortable...she really is a loooong (but short) puppy. Since she has the potential to put on weight (let's hope not I've already gotten questioned about her weight) or at least fluffier with her coat, the medium seemed like a good choice! Sorry for the bad picture, I'll get better ones after my next exam on Thursday :D


  1. Ahahaha, I just shot pics of Marley in his new BLUE Puppia yesterday! :oD Haven't put them on my blog but you can see them on our Facebook (do I have you on Facebook?): http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000753954863&ref=ts

    Saying that: your pups look ADORABLE in their new Puppia's! I want to get Maya the yellow but our store that carries Puppia's don't carry the yellow so I'm going to need to order her one. I think Peanut looks great in red! And Scout, of course looks great in blue. Sounds like you got the sizes right on too. The head part of them always seems a little off. Maxie I need to get a S for because his head is too small for an XS (would fit otherwise!).

    I can't wait to see more pics of them in their new Puppia's!! :oD

  2. Hahaha I can't believe he has the same one. Great minds think alike! I was debating between the green and the blue for Miss Scout but opted for the blue (for now). The head size thing isn't very convenient it's the only thing that bothers me. The XS head needs to be a tad bit bigger in relation to the chest size because the S head is an okay size but the chest part (the smallest size) is just a bit too big for P. Have you tried ordering from ebay? I get them new from someone who sells them for $17.99 with shipping included. That's the cheapest I've found them for. If you're interested here's the link (http://cgi.ebay.com/Puppia-Dog-Soft-Harness-Mesh-Brand-New-Any-Color-/220594390342?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item7912bf38c2). I think Amazon also has some pretty good prices.

  3. That's funny because we were debating between the green & blue too. Had both of them off the rack seeing which looked best with his coat. haha!! I have checked Ebay but I'll go to that person. Do they sell leashes too? I figured in leash price & such & typically ordering from Ebay saves like $3 because our local leash prices is cheaper. Anyway...since I'm wanting a different color for Maya I'll definitely have to check them out.

    I definitely agree about the head size though. Maxie could so use a XS but can't due to his head. And I don't think he really has an unusually large head...unlike Marley. ;o)

    Anyway, thanks for the link!


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