Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scout's first boating experience!

I took Scout fishing with me this weekend. It was a little on the hot side but she did very well with it :)

Ugh, every time I look at pictures of her, I realize my little baby is all grown up! Where does time go?


  1. Scout is perfect...is she Marley of MChis litter mate? I thought I read of some connection.

  2. Yes she is! She's his mega-sized sister! I wasn't even entertaining the idea of another dog because my schedule was so hectic (I was in the middle of applying to grad school) when Heather posted pictures of Marley and a link to the breeder's website. I happened to look at it and saw this adorable long haired chi that the breeder called Loretta. She was thinking of keeping her as a breeder but ended up keeping the other long haired female instead and I got Scout :) She has been an absolute blessing ever since and I owe it all to Heather!

  3. Aww, how cool Scout got to go fishing!! What fun that must have been - I'm glad to hear she did so well. She is gorgeous as always! :o)

    And yes, she is Marleys sister. I'm SO excited I've been able to watch her grow up to be such a gorgeous girl! I'm still a little irked she stole all the "pretty genes" from Marley. ROFL! Poor ole Marley. Oh & he did break the 6lb mark finally! Well, some days he's a bit over & some days he's a bit under. They have the best personalities though for sure & when you talk about Scout I can picture exactly what you're talking about because Marley is just the same! :o) They both take after their mama that way I think...


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