Sunday, July 11, 2010

You look like your dog?

Well how about having the same medical condition as your dog? Scout broke out in a nasty rash and I've been watching it for the past month but this weekend it got REALLY REALLY red/pus-filled (ewww). So, I traveled back to my hometown so she could see the vet and the result: she has allergies (well dermatitis resulting from allergies...I have eczema which is like a severe skin allergy (sort of)). Anyway, she got a secondary staph infection from scratching (hence the pussy grossness) so he gave her a shot of penicillin and a shot of steroids. She's on oral Baytril for the next 10 days and a low dose steroid's by the company Virbac and it's called Genesis (it's technically a chemical known as triamcinolone acetonide..which I use every night after I shower to keep my skin from overreacting and breaking out in dermatitis). The vet explained that she'd have flare ups (like myself) depending on the cause of her allergies so most likely she'll be on this Genesis stuff for the rest of her life. Her abdomen already looks SO much better (no pus-filed bumps but some mild inflammation and she doesn't bite/scratch at it terribly).

So...considering she's been on the SAME food and been using the SAME shampoo since I first brought her home and it's only been the last month that she's had a skin reaction maybe it's something outside? Some sort of plant that's touching her belly? Or just seasonal/spring allergies? I'm hoping it's seasonal but I might try switching her food to see if it helps. She's currently on EVO red meat small bites but I've been switching (every other bag) to EVO salmon & herring formula. Anyone have similar issues or any suggestions?

OH and her weight? 10.12 lbs!! She clearly has the potential to chub up so I'll need to keep an eye on her but she actually seems to be in good shape as I can palpate her ribs with minimal fat covering and when I bathe her I can see a clearly defined waist. So conclusion...10 lbs is a good weight but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her...

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  1. I'd be willing to bet it's something in her food. I believe they can develop allergies to something they've not shown an allergy to before. Maybe try a dehydrated raw food & see if that helps? Maribelle, despite eating raw has an intolerence to beef. But it makes her literally throw up immediate after eating it. So it's a wee different than an allergy showing up through the skin. Maybe try Ziwi Peek or Honest Kitchen. I believe Taste of the Wild is another dehydrated raw food. But I have read that even dogs who have allergies to the cooked version can actually tolerate the raw form. So it may be a good way to go w/o having to bounce around trying to narrow down the exact allergy. Though I'm sure it would be handy to know.

    Hopefully she can find some relief. It sounds nasty & uncomfortable though. I can relate as far as the excema goes. I get it terrible on my hands from washing so darned much at work. Certian lotions/creams also make it flare up. NO FUN!

    And 10.12lbs! Geesh louise stop growing already sister!! (says Marley!) LOL Do beware though. I could feel Milo's ribs & he had a waste yet he was over weight. Some of these guys hide their "padding" well! I personally think the EVO bulked all my pups up. It's a decent food for sure...but maybe a bit "rich" for some. Anyway, all my pups lost some weight after going off the EVO and the only one I thought needed it was Milo (and only because the vet pointd out he was over weight LOL). So just a warning...they can hide that weight from us! ;o)


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