Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chris' Video

Chris made a cute little video with some footage he had of the dogs this past spring. He compiled some stuff from his week stay with Scout (his true 'bonding' time with her as you can tell haha) as well as just playing around in the yard (if you watch carefully you can even see my parent's aussie Cooper in it at one point)! My boyfriend is such a goof but I'm so glad he loves these two little ones as much as I do (...if he didn't I guess that'd be the end of him lol). Anyway enjoy his strange little video!


  1. That was a great video, lots of cute moments in it! I loved the one part where Scout was attacking Chris with kisses.

  2. This is a wonderful video...I liked all of it. My favorite was the giant ball in the backyard and OMG that was a huge dog along with the chis.
    The end with Chris riding Peanut around on the bike was precious. This will be a good memory down the line. Well Done

  3. OMG that was SUCH a wonderful video!! I absolutley loved seeing your Chi's in motion & with all those memories we've seen in still photos. VERY cool to see you "shooting" at the beach too! I also love seeing Scout attacking Chris with kisses...that was too cute. And the bike riding had to be my favorite. OMG how heart melting is that?!

    Thanks for sharing that. He did a GREAT job putting it together! I think he's definitely "inspired" me to do something similar with my guys in the future. hehe ;o)

    PS. Oh my goodness I didn't realize how short Scouts legs were. She is so dang CUTE!!! (not bias here or anything LOL)


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